The school provides for all students:

  • Formal instruction in the Catholic faith
  • Opportunities for prayer and worship
  • Community-building and service activities
  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic moral values
  • Encouragement to grow in virtue
  • Encouragement to live as disciples of Christ

All that the school provides is meant to complement the efforts of parents in providing similar faith development experiences at home. When both the family and the school community make continuous efforts to assist students in the formation of their faith, students grow in and become committed to their faith. The Church is strengthened in its mission of proclaiming the Gospel. We ask that you continue your efforts in all of the above areas and continue to model for your children, the discipleship of Christ, which is the fruit of our adult faith. Your own commitment to prayer, to the Eucharistic liturgy, to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to service of others and to compassion and assistance to those in need, will form your children in ritual and practices that will enable them to deepen their relationship with God.

  • We provide basic Christian attitudes and values through our daily religion classes. The students are encouraged to participate in the planning of liturgical celebrations. We form a Christian community between the teacher and her/his class by daily sharing of prayers and insights into the Bible.