About Us

Going Strong for 67 Years!

The purpose of St. Francis of Assisi School is to provide quality Catholic education to the children of the area, independent of the family’s income, ethnic background, religious practices, or political involvement. The school has been, from its conception, a viable alternative and option of quality education for all who wish to come.

History of St. Francis School

The first classes began at St. Francis of Assisi School on September 4, 1951 with grades K, 1 and 2.  In October of 1951 the first Parent-Teacher Organization was established. Strong support for St. Francis School came from the PTO and from parents who helped the school grow from three grades (K-2) to a high school with its first graduation class in 1963.  St. Francis School is now a Pre-k through Grade 6 Catholic Elementary School.

Ever since its first year of operation in 1951, St. Francis of Assisi School has sought and has received Accreditation status; first from the Mississippi Negro Accrediting Commission and more recently from the Mississippi Office of Accreditation, thus reflecting its promotion of academic excellence.

The ongoing philosophy and social impact of St. Francis Mission and School is evidenced in its history of social awareness and involvement.  In the early years the Mission promoted the: Greenwood Cooperative Club (1959), “Operation Eager: (Every Greenwoodian a Reader), and the STAR Program (Systematic Training and Development). The Mission was instrumental in working with the Greenwood Movement during the sixties promoting voter education plus registration.  St. Francis Mission even had its own Credit Union.   The school had a  Little League, a Drum and Bugle Corps, and some of the first Soccer teams.

Today the school continues to serve the black population of Greenwood plus a new ethnic group to our area the Hispanic population.  One of the school's goals is to reflect a more pluralistic view of society with students of all races, ethnic backgrounds and religion.